It's okay of you cannot be productive right now. Just focus on staying healthy and taking mental-health breaks.
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Being Productive During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In short, it's tough. Really tough. Because of my health risks, I've been at home for a while now. It's difficult not to be distracted by articles of people blatantly ignoring the mandates to stay home. Even to this day, some people are just not understanding how important it is to flatten that curve. COVID-19… Continue reading Being Productive During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Indie Authors Are Real Authors

Last week I felt rather dismayed to read about a writer on Twitter who felt they needed to defend their position as being a real author. They are an independently-published (indie) author, and I can't believe there's still this ongoing debate as to whether indie authors are as "valid" as traditionally-published (trad) authors. Actually, I wasn't… Continue reading Indie Authors Are Real Authors

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Back from my spring hiatus. Guess what I did?

I received some interesting advice from a professional last year: You're always working on someone else's book. What about making time for your own? Being an author in my own right, I felt that was a fair question. I'd begun a prequel to my first book (Life in the ’Cosm) called The Stealth Lovers, and as this… Continue reading Back from my spring hiatus. Guess what I did?