Michele Sabad, Author

ID: book cover: Dandelion with its seeds blowing in the wind against a green background. Text reads: Camp Follower, One Army Brat’s Story

The great thing about connecting with writer groups on social media is that I get to meet other lovely writers, such as Michele Sabad! Michele hails from Aylmer, Québec and is a retired IT consultant, hockey mom, base brat, and military wife. She hasn’t retired as a writer, though, and I was so excited to edit her nonfiction, Camp Follower: One Army Brat’s StoryThe book follows Michele from her self-professed base-brat days to adulthood.

Book cover teaser: A tree just turning with autumn leaves against a purple sky.

In January 2020, I worked again with Michele on her delightful food-based memoir, First We Eat. It’s scheduled for a March 2020 release, so make sure to follow her blog and social media links for updates!

I also gave her author website a makeover so her readers can continue to enjoy her flash fiction, keep updated on her books, and follow her continued outdoors adventures. You can also catch her on Twitter and her website!