CAATS—Computer Assisted Analysis Techniques and Solutions


Computer Assisted Analysis Techniques and Solutions (CAATS) serves to educate auditors and finance professionals in the effective use of data analytics through articles, publications, books, presentations and training. Dave Coderre has devoted his almost three decade professional career to data analytics and reporting with a special focus on audit and fraud detection. His goal is to help you maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your audit function while providing a high-level of audit assurance.

~ Mr. David Coderre, President of CAATS

Data Analysis book cover

We were so glad for the opportunity to work with consultant and author Dave Coderre on revamping the CAATS website, and adding a secure e-commerce component for his books about data analytics. His latest book, Data Analysis for Internal Controls, Fraud Detection, Monitoring, and Audit, will be sold exclusively on the CAATS website as of July 2017. We wish him many sales and much success!