Jennifer Carole Lewis, Author

Revelations book cover
ID, book cover, mostly in shades of blue: A woman with whisky-coloured eyes stares at us as a snake dangles beside her. Text reads: Revelations, Book One of the Lalassu, Jennifer Carole Lewis

I met Canadian paranormal romance author Jennifer Carole Lewis at a writers conference in 2017 and found her to be a lovely soul. So, it was a happy surprise to be asked to do a stylistic edit her short stories, Whispers in the Dark and Rose on the Grave.

Update: there is a third short story on the horizon for me to edit, and all three will be a part of her collection, scheduled for a 2019 publication!

She’s just a dream to work with, and I have a feeling you’ll love her work!

You can learn more about Jennifer, her other short stories, and especially her Lalassu novel series on her website.