Jennifer Carole Lewis, Author

Book cover ID: A muscular man in a sleeveless shirt and jeans, with arm folded, stands beside a woman in a light grey t-shirt who wears a black baseball cap over her long brown hair. Text reads: Whispers in the Dark, A Spirit Sight Story, Jennifer Carole Lewis.

I met Canadian paranormal romance author Jennifer Carole Lewis at a writers conference in 2017 and found her to be a lovely soul. So, it was a happy surprise to be asked to do a stylistic edit of the short stories in her Spirit Sight Series, Whispers in the DarkRose on the Grave, and Third Eye Open.

You can learn more about Jennifer, her other short stories, and especially her Lalassu novel series on her website.

She’s just a dream to work with, and I have a feeling you’ll love her stories!