Jamieson Wolf, Author

Cait Gordon from Dynamic Canvas is a goddess of words. She has worked on three books of mine and always makes them better. She knows the way I write and makes sure her edits and suggestions are in my voice. Cait is a joy to work with and she really gets into what I’ve written. It’s such a refreshing change to work with a stylistic editor who is as enthusiastic about my book as I am. Working with her is a dream and a joy. She makes my words shine brighter than they could without her help. Thank you Cait. You rock!”

Jamieson wolf
Bookcover ID: White background with yellow circle that says Little Yellow Magnet, A Memoir. The "by Jamieson Wolf" text is written in a multicoloured fridge magnet font. Quote from Kelly Armstrong: Jamieson Wolf is a gifted writer!

If you haven’t heard of Canadian author and poet Jamieson Wolf, where have you been? Jamieson is an award-winning, number-one bestselling author of over sixty books, who just released his fantastic memoir, Little Yellow Magnet. It’s all about how his life literally changed overnight when he woke up weak and with extreme vertigo, unable to walk. This eventually led to a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. I can’t recommend this book enough! (Jamieson is also a regular contributor to the Spoonie Authors Network, a blog for writers with disabilities and/or chronic illness.)

ID, book cover: Orange background with five people sitting in a waiting room looking worried. Text reads: Life and Lemonade, Jamieson Wolf. With a quotation that reads: “Jamieson Wolf is a gifted writer!” Kelly Armstrong, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Women of the Otherworld Series

In 2018 I also edited Life and Lemonade (Renaissance). The Lemonade series has been regarded as the queer Sex & The City and this is the second book of the trilogy!

ID: Tablet displaying the cover of Love adn Two Keys. Navy blue background with blue and white snowflakes. Text reads: Love and Two Keys, Jamieson Wolf

It was a delight in late 2017 to edit his sweet holiday novella, Love and Two Keys, which you can download free of charge from Smashwords.

Finally, I gave his author website a facelift by integrating his former website and blog into one, so you can enjoy all that’s Jamieson in a single location!

We love working with  you, Jamieson! More books, please!