Editing and proofreading

Are you an author who needs a fresh set of eyes? We’d like to help! We’ve included our standard rates on this page, but please contact us about your budget, and we’ll see what we can do!“

“My book was a whale and you made it a dolphin!”

~ Robin Elizabeth, author of Confessions of a Mad Mooer

(It’s nice to know we edit with a porpoise. ~ Madam President)

Checklist before submitting your manuscript

To make the editing process less costly for you and more efficient for us, please read Seven Tips for Preparing a Happy, Shiny Manuscript. These are steps many authors miss, which often leads to rejections by publishers. Let’s work together to create a work that highlights how professional you are!

Manuscript consultation

If you have a work in progress but feel you’d like an opinion about where it’s at, we can assess your manuscript for proper structure, readability, and flow.

The rates for this service will have to be assessed for each submission. Contact us about your writing project today!

Back blurbs

What’s written on the back of your book is as important as an eye-catching cover. We can recommend how to give it that certain punch while avoiding formulaic clichés.

The rates on this service depend on whether the back blurb needs to be written from scratch, or edited. Ask us more about this!

Stylistic editing

It’s so important to make sure your work reads professionally, even as a creative writer. We can check your manuscript for

  • adherence to standards (such as the Chicago Manual of Style)
  • overuse of “useless” words (think very and really)
  • repetition
  • flow
  • formatting of the manuscript template (for submissions)
  • punctuation
  • grammar and spelling errors
  • readability

Our standard rate is $500.00 CAD per 40,000 words, for a novel-length manuscript.

Copy editing

If you’ve done a thorough self-edit for structure and style, we can offer you copy-editing services. We’ll check your manuscript for

  • grammar and spelling errors
  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • formatting errors or inconsistencies

Our standard rate is $400.00 CAD per 40,000 words, for a novel-length manuscript.


It’s quite common for things to get missed, even after an editing pass from a professional. Let us help to make your proof shine before it’s sent to the printer.

With our proofreading service, we can check your printer proof for

  • typos
  • grammatical errors
  • punctuation
  • formatting errors or inconsistencies
  • image issues

Our standard rate is $250.00 CAD per 40,000 words, for a novel-length manuscript.