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Wanted: manuscripts seeking a fresh set of eyes

Robin Elizabeth’s book about her journey through severe post-natal depression should be released in December 2016!

We’re thrilled to announce that Dynamic Canvas Inc. now provides editing and proofreading services. Cait Gordon has been dealing with words since she began her career as a technical writer [mumble, mumble] years ago. Her experience includes creating and adhering to style guides, copy editing, proof-reading, and understanding the publishing process. She has just completed a “proof-editing” of the upcoming non-fiction, Confessions of a Mad Mooer, by Australian author Robin Elizabeth.

Cait is also a published author! Her novel, Life in the ‘Cosm, is a comedy sci-fi about a little green writer who’s obsessed with the female half of his two-headed colleague (Renaissance Press). Being an author helps her empathize with the needs of other writers and authors, who only want their baby to shine after it’s printed.

Why not give Dynamic Canvas Inc. a try? Our rates are reasonable and we strive to be the thorough second set of eyes every manuscript needs. Contact us today about your writing project!


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